Our service is characterized by speed,
dependability, and security.

Don't let traffic delays ruin your day! Chalo Betho is all about speed. Our app makes finding a ride quick and easy, getting you on the road faster. You can count on dependable drivers who know the city well, ensuring you get to your destination efficiently. Plus, safety is always at the forefront. With Chalo Betho, you can skip the delays, arrive on time, and feel confident every step of the way.


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Chalo Betho Pre Booking

Running late is never fun, especially when an important meeting or event is on the line. With Chalo Betho's pre-booking service, you can ditch the stress and ensure a smooth and timely arrival.

Simply choose your pick-up location and destination, select your preferred date and time for the ride, and relax! You'll receive confirmation of your booking, and you can even track your driver's arrival in real-time as your trip approaches.

So, the next time you have an important event on your calendar, take advantage of Chalo Betho's pre-booking service.

Chalo Betho Hourly Booking

Chalo Betho hourly booking service is your perfect companion for short-term adventures around town. Simply book your ride, indicate your desired duration and your Chalo Betho driver will be at your service for the chosen timeframe. Need to make a few stops along the way? No problem! Let your driver know, and they'll be happy to accommodate your itinerary within the booked time frame.

Hourly booking offers flexibility and convenience for all your short-term travel needs. So don't be worry of finding rides for each stop and experience the freedom of exploring the city at your own pace with Chalo Betho!


Chalo Betho Monthly Subscription

Chalo Betho's monthly subscription takes the stress out of travel. Think of it like your own ride buddy, always on call. Choose a subscription plan that fits your needs, and enjoy a set number of rides every month at a pre determined, affordable rate. Monthly subscriptions mean predictable costs and reliable rides whenever you need them.

Sign up today and experience a smoother journey, every month. Just book your ride and go!

A fair price is determined by the value exchanged,
not by wishful thinking


Customize Fare

Your ride, your price. Take control and set a fare that suits your budget and comfort level effortlessly.


Safety First

Our robust safety features are designed to keep you protected throughout your journey, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience.


Ride Control

Take charge of your journey with confidence. Stay informed and in control by knowing your exact location at all times.

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