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At Chalo Betho, we believe in collaboration. Together, we work towards making travel accessible and efficient for everyone. Explore a network of valued partners who contribute to a wider range of ride options and a seamless travel experience for you.

Looking for freedom and flexibility? Become a Chalo Betho driver and be your own boss! Set your own schedule, explore your city, and earn competitive rates. We offer comprehensive training and support to ensure your success on the road. Join a network of friendly drivers and experience the satisfaction of providing excellent service. Sign up today and drive with Chalo Betho!


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Do you crave the freedom of setting your own schedule? Then consider joining the growing team of Chalo Betho drivers!

We're searching for passionate individuals who share our commitment to creating a smooth and accessible travel experience for everyone. As a Chalo Betho driver, you'll be your own boss. But that's not all! We offer competitive rates that reward your hard work and dedication.

Becoming a Chalo Betho driver means joining a supportive and friendly community. You'll connect with fellow drivers who share your passion for service and exploration. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to own your career and make a difference.


Your Own Boss

Choose your hours and create a work-life balance that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle and personal priorities.


Weekly Bonuses

Get rewarded for your dedication to providing excellent service. Boost your earnings with exclusive weekly bonuses tailored just for you.


Earn More

Increase your income potential by maximizing your driving hours and taking advantage of more earning opportunities.

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Sign up quickly and easily to start your driving journey by creating your account hassle-free, getting you on the road in no time.

Tap Switch Driver

Simply tap on the "Driver Mode" option within the app. This action will enable you to switch to a mode where you can easily book rides.

Submit Personal Information

To finish your registration, you'll need to provide essential personal details. This ensures we can tailor our services to your needs and preferences accurately.

Enjoy Rides

Once you're all set with your registration, you're ready to enjoy seamless rides and unlock exciting rewards as you start earning with Chalo Betho!

A fair price is determined by the value exchanged,
not by wishful thinking


Customize Fare

Your ride, your price. Take control and set a fare that suits your budget and comfort level effortlessly.


Safety First

Our robust safety features are designed to keep you protected throughout your journey, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience.


Ride Control

Take charge of your journey with confidence. Stay informed and in control by knowing your exact location at all times.

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